Craps Rules: Learn How to Play Craps Online for Fun and Real Money

craps table and dice craps table and dice

Learning Craps should be taught in American schools seeing it’s the number one in online casino games when it comes to online gambling. With this fact you as a beginner can learn through our article on how to win, craps rules, craps payouts and odds of winning craps.

Our craps rules guide will keep it simple, far too many online guides about craps rules that seem to never get to the point for the player to learn the important elements of the game. With our guides you’ll find games easier and in turn you can also find the casinos which offer craps online so you can play for real money wins thanks to this our craps rules guide.

Craps: Knowing how to play, Craps rules for dummies and free casino games to enjoy the learning curve

There are a possible number of ways in which to bet in craps and since this is a craps rules guide let’s look at how the craps table develops craps strategy when gambling.

The game involves two dice which you will roll, prior to this you make a bet for your roll, and this is placed on the Pass Line. At this point other players can join the table and make a bet on the outcome. Your first roll is called the come-out roll and in a live game, the dice must hit the back of the table, no worries of that online.

The bet you make is either a Pass or Don’t Pass. To win a Pass bet then you should hope to roll a 7 or an 11 on the dices, with this the Don’t Pass has a losing result. Should the roll produce a 2 or a 3 and even a 12 then all Pass Line bets will lose and then the Don’t Pass wagers win.

Should the numbers 4 to Six and 8 to 10 land from the first roll, then this constitutes as a players point and the dealer (boxman) or stickman will place a marker or what the casino calls a puck, on the table over the matching number. The player or shooter continues to roll to get the same number and should the point number be rolled it means Pass line bets are won and again the Don’t Pass bets lose. Should at this point a 7 land then the wins are reversed.

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Craps rules “Pass Line”: Here you make the bet that either 7 or 11 will be the outcome. If a 7 or 11, you double your staked money.

Should the player hit 4 to 8, 9 or 10 then a point gets awarded. If betting on the Pass line then you will look out for that point number to be the next outcome. If the number your Pass line bet is doubled.

Craps rules “Don't Pass”: Line: the outcomes are the opposite of the Pass Lone bets so effectively you are against the roller.Craps rules “Come Bets”: can be made after the point of the game has been established, same principles should the first roll hit 7 or 11 then you’ll win your bet and loses for the 2, 3 or the 12.Craps rules “Don't Come Bets”: opposite to what the Come bet is.

So you win a 7 or eleven roll that’s the main thing to remember in craps rules but also 7 loses depending on the bet.

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These are the basics of craps rules used at casinos online, the combination of craps rules betting can go above the head of most players that cannot grasp the idea and instead stick to betting on themselves which is the hardway. Payoffs come by being no just part of the game but by absorbing it all. Once a point is marked it usually makes those watching place their bets on the box of Don’t Pass, it is one of the most notable things because of the house edge, knowing a 7 win roll is all that is needed.

Playing craps and using craps rules can have a great payoff and becomes a game of great excitement, obviously, playing online no actual dice will be thrown unless playing live.

There are additional bonuses to craps and as a craps rule you as a bettor should get the maximum help by increasing your bankroll with a casino bonus, simply by getting a deposit bonus of 100-500%. Going to any casino will offer these bonuses. These places are making it very easy to increase your balance to play longer for, something to bear in mind before you throw for real money.

Thank you for reading our craps rules.

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